Adoption Process

Why Adopt?

ADOPTING vs BUYING: I’m thinking of buying a cat or kitten – why should I adopt?

If you are thinking of welcoming a new pet into your life, adopting from a rescue centre or rehoming organisation is by far the best choice – for you and for the animals.

What’s included in the Adoption Pack?

  • Vaccination Record Card
  • Neutering
  • Full Health Check from Vet
  • 5 Weeks FREE Pet Insurance with Agria
  • 3 Months Flea Treatment
  • 3 Months Worming Treatment
  • Microchip in your name

Do you adopt out to people who live on a main road?

Unfortunately, we don’t adopt to families on main roads, this is for the cats safety, even if it is an indoor cat there is a risk that the cat could get out and be in an RTA, so we do not like to take the risk. However, exceptions are made for families who have an outdoor enclosure (cattery) and we would need to see this during the home check. This is different for dog adoptions.

What’s the adoption process?

At the moment due to the nature of COVID-19 we are only adopting out in the local area; Lancashire and Greater Manchester as we are based in Bolton.

Adoption Process:

Please note the processes we have in place are for the well being of the animals in our care and our mission is to ensure that we find the best possible fit to provide our animals a loving, safe forever home. Saving Strays is run by volunteers and we thank you for your patience in getting back to you.

1. Fill out the quick questionnaire found at the bottom of the Pets for Adoption page. Alternatively, send a message to the Saving Strays inbox on Facebook, email us, or message us using the contact button below.

2. Once the completed questionnaire is received the Home Check Team (HCT) will take a look at it and ask any clarification questions if necessary.

3. If the HCT feels your application to adopt is not suitable, one of the HCT will message you with the reasons why.

4. If all is good to proceed, one of the HCT will ring or text to make an appointment to do a video call either via facetime or whatsapp. We like to see all members of the family during this call and will take photos of your home and ask further questions. We will also ask to see photo ID and a recent utility bill as proof of address.

5. Once the home check has been completed, the Trustees will assess the application and make a decision if they can offer you a pet for adoption. If they feel they can’t, they will give reasons as to why.

6. If successful, you will be notified and be sent photos of potential pets that meet the needs of your home environment.

7. Once a decision by adopter has been made, an adoption contract will be sent out and arrangements will be made for the pet to be picked up. No pet will be allowed to be rehomed before having all basic vet treatment; neutering, vaccinations, chipping, flea and worm.

8. Once a pet has been adopted, our Aftercare Manager will keep in touch to ensure there are no problems and to offer support.

Are there any age requirements / restrictions when adopting a new pet?

1. We do not rehome kittens under 6 months to families with young children under 5 but will consider older kittens and cats for these families. Same applies to puppies.

2. Because cats can live up to 20 years (and sometimes longer) we do not rehome kittens or young cats to people over 60 as the cat/kitten could outlive the person and then they could be left homeless and on the street. We will rehome older cats in these situations.

3. Applications for Adoption and Fostering can only be accepted for individuals over the age of 18.

Do you adopt out to people who already have cats and/or dogs?

Yes, but this all depends on the temperament and needs of the cat and will be based on a case by case basis. We only adopt out where owners have vaccinated regularly and neutered their own animals and we will need to see proof of this.

Can I adopt if I am unemployed or on benefits

As the cost of caring for a cat / dog can be quite expensive with insurance, vaccinations and vet bills etc, together with everyday costs for food and litter, unfortunately we are unable to consider applications in these instances.

What is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee is;

£120 per cat/kitten

£250 per dog

£300 per puppy

What is included in the adoption fee?

1. 1st and 2nd vaccinations

2. Microchipping to the new owner

3. Neutering for all

4. Flea and worm treatment

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