Fostering Process

We rely on fosterers to provide temporary homes for the animals in our care. Fostering an animal can help them recover from neglect, abuse, illness, or injury – taking the first steps towards finding a new, loving forever home.

When you foster an animal, you’ll also be freeing up space in our centre so that we can rescue more animals in desperate need.

Download the Fosterer’s Handbook:

Guidance for Fosterers

• When approved as a fosterer (a home check is required) you will be given a foster contract to read and sign. Please make sure you read this thoroughly and abide by it at all times. This will only be sent via email and will require an online signature.

• Animals coming into foster care will be allocated to the most suitable person (where possible) and will depend on the suitability of your family and the home environment. For this reason, fosterers cannot choose which animal they would like but a discussion between the team and the potential fosterer will take place to agree suitability.

• Mums with kittens / puppies will only go to experienced fosterers and not to fosterers with children under 5.

• Sometimes we may need to move animals around due to compatibility issues or to accommodate taking in another animal. We will, where possible, discuss this with the people concerned but it may not always be possible due to time constraints. We will decide in the best interest of the animals and move animals accordingly.

• When you have been allocated an animal to foster, experienced guidance and advice will be given with regards to the handling and care of that specific animal from the Saving Strays Animal Rescue team. This guidance must be adhered to at all times to avoid any unnecessary accidents, injury or stress to the animal and/or yourselves. If the guidance is not followed, you will be in breach of the foster contract.

• Foster cats must remain indoors at all times and precautions must be taken to ensure the cat does not escape. This includes keeping windows and doors shut and locked at all times. The fosterer is responsible for the safety of the animal in their care.

• Fosterers are responsible for taking their animals to vet appointments and these appointments will be given out by the Foster Manager. Please make a note of these and dates of future flea and worm treatments. In instances where fosterers can’t make a vet appointment, we have a Transport Team on hand to support with vet visits.

• If fosterers are unable to take the animals to the vet they must let the Foster Manager know as soon as possible to see if the appointment can be rearranged or a transporter can be arranged with the Transport Manager.

• Our vets’ details are: Vets4Pets Address: Drummond House, Moss Bank Way, Astley Bridge, Bolton BL1 8NP Tel: 01204 308700 and RSPCA Bolton Address: 21 Vernon St, Bolton BL1 2QB Tel: 01204 521160. Animals should only be taken to these vets if appointments have been made by the Foster Manager or prior permission from the founder has been given to attend a different vet. This would only be agreed under exceptional circumstances.

• If you feel your foster animal requires a vet appointment other than those scheduled, you must speak to the Saving Strays Animal Rescue admin team about this as soon as possible BEFORE making a vet appointment giving reasons why.

• If an animal develops sickness, diarrhea or any other health problem, please inform us straight away so we can provide advice accordingly.

• Where medication is required, the team / vet will instruct the fosterer on how and when to administer, and this will include flea and worm treatments.

• To avoid confusion and misplaced items, all flea and worm treatment will be collected from the vets by the admin team. If you are given this in error, please let us know and we can collect or it can be dropped off with a team member.

• Any friends and/or family wanting to adopt an animal must do so through the Saving Strays Animal Rescue webpage.

• If you are going on holiday or going away for the weekend etc, please let the Foster Manager know as soon as you can so we can make alternative arrangements for your foster animal(s).

• If you know of or have been contacted about a stray animal, you must contact the Saving Strays Animal Rescue team and they will arrange for a scanner to attend to check for a microchip. Do not make any promises to the person finding or notifying you about the animal as we have to ensure there will be a foster space available. If it is owned and the owner no longer wants it, they will need to complete a surrender form and we will take it into foster care as soon as practically possible.

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