Breed: Shih-Tzu

Colour: Gold and White

Age: 8 Years Old

Sex: Female

Vaccinated  ✅ Neutered  ❌ Microchipped  ✅

  Flea and Worm Treatment  ✅

 Full Health Check  ✅

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Lee-Lu is a beautiful 8-year-old Shih-Tzu who finds herself looking for a forever home due to a change in her family’s circumstances. This loving girl is tri-coloured and is predominantly gold and white with grey ear tips. Lee-Lu currently weighs approximately 7.3kg.

Lee-Lu is very loving and enjoys being a lap dog. She is incredibly gentle and good with children; she has lived with 2 very young children with whom she likes to play and enjoy her ‘zoomies’. As she has grown older, Lee-Lu has mellowed somewhat and really loves having cuddles with the family. Lee-Lu could potentially live with another dog in the household providing that the correct introductions are made; she has lived peacefully with another dog. As she has never lived with cats, we have no way of knowing how Lee-Lu would react to a cat in the household.

Whilst out walking, Lee-Lu is brilliant on-lead and does not pull at all. She loves to play ‘fetch’ and is great off-lead with brilliant recall. She does not usually wander more than a few metres from her owners when off-lead. Lee-Lu can be passive when meeting other dogs – sometimes she is eager to play and other times she will just walk on by. When playing with other dogs, Lee-Lu prefers larger dogs as she likes to jump up excitedly, which smaller dogs sometimes do not like. Around strangers, Lee-Lu can be a little nervous but has never demonstrated any aggressive behaviour. At times she is unwilling to approach someone new and tends to prefer women to men, although she has taken a shine to a few of her owners’ male family members/friends. Time and patience is required until Lee-Lu adjusts to new people.

In typical Shih-Tzu fashion, Lee-Lu can be stubborn! She is not a fan of going outside in the rain/cold weather (who is?!) and will sometimes sit down, refusing to move until she knows she can go back home to the warmth and dry. Lee-Lu is also nervous of being groomed, particularly her legs, paws and trimming of nails. 

Lee-Lu is house-trained and very relaxed in her home environment, where she is used to having access to all areas. She can be left alone for short periods but would prefer to live with someone who is home for the majority of the time. When left for longer periods, Lee-Lu does not destroy anything in the home but will sometimes have ‘accidents’ at the back door – for this reason, her current owners leave puppy pads down and Lee-Lu uses these without issue.

Prospective adopters need to be aware that Lee-Lu has some intolerance to chicken and other foods. She has been tried on a raw food diet but started to refuse it, so her diet is now grain-free and hypoallergenic. She can be fussy with her food and many different brands have been tried in an attempt to find something she likes but which does not set off her intolerances and sensitivities. Lee-Lu’s owners have had a food/non-food intolerance report done and this can be shared with her new adopters so they know what to avoid. Due to the food/non-food sensitivities and intolerances, Lee-Lu can often suffer from ear infections, however these are usually easily remedied with medication and avoidance of certain products in her environment.

Lee-Lu’s ideal new home will be with someone who perhaps works from home and is around for the majority of the time. Lee-Lu could live quite happily with a family who have children or an older couple/single person who is home a lot. Her new owners will need to be mindful of Lee-Lu’s sensitivities and intolerances regarding food and non-food items, and be willing to accommodate these so that she can live safely and happily.

If you think you can provide the ideal home for this beautiful girl, please do complete the application form.

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