Raymond’s story

Stacey, her husband David and their two children have always been animal obsessed. With their own family of animal companions including dogs, cats, hens and even a parrot, Stacey shares her story on how Raymond convinced them to extend their family :

“It was late February 2019 when unbeknown to us, Raymond would become our very first foster cat.

“Everyday a thin, black and white cat would appear on our window ledge, looking in on one of our cats – Jasper. We began feeding him each morning and night, and he always came back at the same time of the day. After weeks of making sure he was well fed, we managed to build up enough trust to be able to stroke him and give him some much-needed attention.

“One evening, he didn’t return for his daily feed and we became extremely worried about this beautiful cat we had all learned to love. We went out in search of him but failed to find him. A day and a half later, he returned but he was limping and had injuries to the back of his legs. We knew at this moment that we had to take him in; he had come to us for help. We cleaned his injuries, gave him a crate to rest in, food, water and a litter tray. We already had our own animals, and we couldn’t afford to take on another one with the highest level of care. That’s when we met Hayley…

“We made contact with Hayley at Saving Strays and agreed to foster Raymond. He was given vet treatment and was finally on the mend. Once Raymond was healed, he was vaccinated, neutered, and wormed and was ready for his forever home. He met his potential new owner, and immediately they fell in love with each other.

“Raymond is now thriving in his new home, and the whole experience was so special to me that I’ve extended my fostering role with Saving Strays. In just eight months, we have fostered 21 cats that have come from all different backgrounds. We treat every single animal equally and shower them with the love and affection that they deserve and seeing them move onto their forever homes is incredibly rewarding.”

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