Surrender a Pet

Saving Strays helps hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits, horses etc, in need find loving homes each year. We take in every animal surrendered to us regardless of its health, age, breed, or behavior. 

Last year, more than 98 percent of the animals in our care were placed in new homes, or reunited with owners.

We understand that parting ways with an animal can be especially difficult and we’re committed to working with you to ensure the best possible solution for you and your pet.

Knowing where to turn

We know that sometimes people’s circumstances change and they can no longer look after their pet. At Saving Strays we never judge anyone for making the responsible decision to give up their animal and we’ll do what we can to help.

No matter how desperate you’re feeling, please don’t dump or abandon your pet, we can help. This is incredibly traumatic for them and also very dangerous – they could become seriously ill or they could escape and be hit by a car. It also means that even if they are found and brought to us, we won’t know their history, which makes it a lot harder to find them the right home.

What happens to my pet once they’re in the care of Saving Strays?

They will be carefully assessed by a vet and a volunteer of the Saving Strays team so we can give them any special care they need and match them to the right kind of home.

After the assessment period they will go up for rehoming, providing there aren’t any veterinary or behaviour issues that we need to address. Their profile will appear on the Saving Strays website and we will start our search to find them a loving home.

What if I can’t keep my Saving Strays pet?

We never forget a Saving Strays pet and we’ll always prioritise them and make room for them if your circumstances change.

I’m worried my pet will outlive me

Many people worry about what will happen if their pets outlive them. If you feel there’s no one you can ask to take on your companion, our Pets into Care Scheme might be for you, have a look on our FAQ’s.

What if you need to give up your horse?

If you find yourself needing to give up your horse please email

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that we’ll be able to take your horse into one of our yards as priority is always given to welfare cases and abandoned horses, however we do have a scheme whereby we find new homes for horses while they remain in your care.

If you need advice about or to return a Saving Strays horse/pony you have rehomed, then please contact your Aftercare Manager.

I’m worried my pet will outlive me

Many people worry about what will happen if their pets outlive them. If you feel there’s no one you can ask to take on your companion, our Pets into Care Scheme might be for you, have a look on our FAQ’s

Can I keep in touch with my pet?

Due to GDPR Data Compliance Guidelines, you can not have contact with the foster family or the new owner, however, you can have direct contact with us and we can provide you with updates on your surrendered pet.

This contact can be through email or Facebook Messages on our page. We have a fantastic after care program to ensure we remain in contact with new owners supporting them with anything they may need.


If you would like to surrender your pet to Saving Strays, please download the following form and email to

Lost and Found Animals

As animal lovers all over the UK, we all know how distressing it is for one of our beloved pets to go missing, they mean everything to us, the idea of them out there somewhere lost and lonely is heartbreaking.

If we find a cat that has been straying for a while and does not have a chip, we will post all lost and found cats here. We will search within the area the cat is found to ensure that it is not a local cat before taking into foster care. We will hold the cat for two weeks before taking to our vets. If the cat is injured or needs treatment the cat will attend our vets immediately. Any dogs that are found / reported to us will be surrendered to the Dog Warden as per the councils obligation and contract with Destitute Animal Shelter.

We will do our UTMOST best to reunite pets back to their rightful owners. If you think one of the pets listed below could be yours please email us directly with sufficient evidence. Please be aware that we are run by a team of volunteers and responses may be delayed.

If you think that your pet is in our care, please email with the following information;

Proof of Ownership (photos are not proof of ownership, they only determine that you have had contact with the pet in question. You will need a vet record, adoption papers and chip number information)

Sex of the animal | Colour of the animal | Approx weight of the animal | Name | Vaccination information from vets as per the above | Is the animal neutered? | Is the animal microchipped? 

  • Male
  • Black
  • Missing since 11th December 2020
  • Last seen Tonge Fold BL2.
  • Doesn’t know the area and will be very scared and owner very concerned as no-one has seen him
  • He loves being outdoors but is very timid
  • Neutered
  • Not chipped
  • Lost pet
  • Name is Alexis
  • 1.5 years of age
  • All black
  • Female
  • Unneutered
  • Unchipped
  • Very friendly little girl
  • DSH
  • Not been in foster very long
  • Male
  • White with tabby ears and tail
  • Last seen Tonge Fold, BL2
  • Lives the outdoors
  • Can’t seem to find his way home
  • Timid and will run
  • Not neutered
  • Not chipped
  • Female
  • Name is Madam
  • All black, green-ish eyes
  • Last seen Bury, BL8
  • Missing since 28th September 2021
  • Friendly with strangers at home but wary when out and about
  • No collar but distinctive left eat tip missing from feral TNR
  • Female
  • Name is Hazel
  • 16 years old and very frail and unwell
  • Last seen in Bury, 24th May 2022
  • May not be microchipped

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